Energy Saving

What’s so good about renewables?

Renewable energy doesn’t just consist of solar panels and wind farms. At J T Heating Ltd we provide multiple renewable energy options to help save you money, with the added bonus of saving the environment.

Our renewable energy solutions include both ground and air source heat pumps, combined with underfloor heating.


Why choose a heat pump?

Air or ground source heat pumps can be used for both heating and cooling a house.

Ground source heat pumps exchange heat with the surrounding ground to either heat the home in the winter or cool it in the summer.

Air source heat pumps do the same, but with the outside air.


Which heat pump should I choose?

Air source heat pumps are normally low cost installations although planning permission may be required. Ground source heat pumps provide greater energy efficient and heat for longer periods of time.

We’re able to advise you on the best choice for your home.


Underfloor heating with a heat pump

Heat pumps of any kind work especially well with underfloor heating. This is due to less of an overall heat requirement to heat a room via underfloor heating compared to a radiator system.

Heat pumps can provide heat constantly at a moderate temperature without using much energy.

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